Connect To Your Angels

through meditation and the creative process so that you can find clarity and confidence to take your next big leap.
Studio429 created the Angelic Activation Academy to share courses and services dedicated to helping you develop your intuition and connection to your Guides. 

Angelic Activation: Foundations

Mini-Class: How To Create Your Own Angel Cards

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Angelic Guide Session

Illuminated Zodiac - Leo Book

BONUS Course: Create Your Oracle Deck

Don't Fear The Shadows: 44 prompts to own your shadow

5 Night Dream Challenge

Dream Artistry: Decode Your Dreams, A Private Artistic Consultation


I love her energy and sincerity. She took her time going over each card and helped me gain clarity by making connections throughout.

If you haven’t had one of her angel readings, I can not recommend it enough. I went into really needing help with my next step and now I feel so empowered to move forward on my path!
Kerin Monaco, Founder of Stars in Her Eyes
I can't begin to tell you how attracted I was to the meditation. As you talked I pictured this. I almost worked too hard trying to figure out what it meant. Fast forward to this morning, it turned out my daughter desperately needed me last night. ... It's been over twenty years since I've found a guided visualization that i connected with like I did last night. 
Brenda Lee Lewis

Hey! I'm Ash.

I am an artist and Angelic Healer.

My mission is to connect women with their Angels intuition through the light of the Angels, Creativity, and Connection, so that they may live and empowered life.